Villa barberini

Visiting Villa Barberini

When visiting Rome, the Vatican is just a walk away. However, if you are looking to explore the Vatican and its true grandeur in-depth, a visit to Villa Barberini is a must. A tour of the Pope’s palatial summer abode, surrounded by the lush Pontifical gardens, is a once in a lifetime experience. In the south of Rome lies one of the most scenic towns in Italy, Castel Gandolfo. This quaint town is home to the Apostolic Palace, the private summer palace of the Popes since the 17th Century; newly opened up for the public.

Why Visit Villa Barberini?

With its rich history and scenic views, a day trip to Villa Barberini is a great way to get a calm, relaxing break from the crowded streets of Rome. Castel Gandolfo is situated next to Lake Albano, and the Apostolic Palace, also known as the Papal Villas, lies in a beautiful garden setting. In 2015, Pope Francis opened up the grounds of Apostolic Palace and Pontifical gardens to the public for the first time in history. Now, one can take a guided tour of the premises and gaze upon the beauty of Villa Barberini, a treasure of the Vatican.

The Pontifical gardens of Castel Gandolfo and Villa Barberini comprise of a beautiful mix of botanical and archaeological beauty. You can relax at the shade of Giardino Della Madonnina, a favored spot of many previous Popes, or explore the meticulously-trimmed gardens lined with historical sculptures while enjoying the views of Giardino del Belvedere. The tour will also take you to the Cryptoportico of King Domitian’s palace, where hundreds of people took refuge during WWII.

One can also have a delicious lunch prepared by the staff of Villa Barberini, with produce from the castle grounds itself! The Apostolic Palace has been converted into a museum, where the public can explore the personal quarters where Popes used to live.

Villa Barberini FAQs

Q. Does Vatican ticket include access to Villa Barberini and the Apostolic Palace?
A. Not all Vatican tickets provide access to Villa Barberini and the Apostolic Palace. You will have to book tickets that specifically provide access to these landmarks. 

Q. Do my Villa Barberini tickets include skip-the-line access?
A. Not all tickets include skip-the-line access. Please check your tour details beforehand.

Q. Does my Villa Barberini tour include a tour guide?
A. Your Villa Barberini tour includes a portable, multilingual audio guide, allowing you to learn about history, design and papal influence of these landmarks while on the go.

Q. What should I wear before visiting Villa Barberini?
A. The Vatican is strict about visitors adhering to its dress code. Low cut or sleeveless shirts, shorts and miniskirts are not permitted on the grounds of any institution under the Vatican.

Q. Is Villa Barberini accessible by persons with disabilities?
A. The design of these premises includes multiple staircases and long, winding roads. It is therefore not recommended that those with physical disabilities opt for a tour of the grounds.