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The Vatican City, which covers a quarter of a square mile, is a popular tourist site, particularly for Christians who want to see the Pope or honor their faith. The Basilica of St. Peter, Saint Peter's Square, the Vatican Museums, the Sistine Chapel, and the Raphael Rooms are among the most popular tourist attractions in Vatican City.

Vatican at Night

Given that the Vatican is an extremely popular attraction, it is safe to assume that it tends to be crowded all year round. The Vatican Night tour tickets are limited, ensuring that the after-hours visitors have more breathing room. Even though you might not get the time to linger around each work of art for a long time, you would still be able to appreciate the works without having to navigate through the jostling crowds.

Early Morning or After-Hours Skip-the-Line Tour of Vatican Museums & Sistine Chapel
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Guided Tour of the Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel & St. Peter's Basilica
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Your After-Hours Vatican Ticket Options Explained

Vatican Night Tours
  • You will be able to get after-hours exclusive night admission to the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel with these tickets, allowing you to dodge the crowds.
  • Enter the Vatican Museums right after it closes to the public and explore the 54 stunning galleries that showcases some of the most important masterpieces of all times.
  • On all days except Sunday, this tour of the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel is available.
  • You can cancel your tickets up to 72 hours ahead of time and receive a full refund.

Vatican Night Tour Itinerary

Vatican Night Tours


On all days except Sunday, this tour of the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel is available. The tour starts at around 4:00 PM


This tour lasts for one hour.

Meeting point

On the confirmation voucher, the actual meeting location will be listed.

Plan Your Vatican at Night Experience

Things to Do
Dining Options
Things to do in Vatican at Night
  • Tour the Vatican Museums: Explore the museums in a relaxed setting with no crowds. Learn about the history of the Vatican, the Popes, and artists whose works have been showcased here.
  • Happy Hour: Enjoy a lovely glass of wine and a buffet meal inside the Vatican Museums' Pinecone Courtyard.
  • Stroll along St. Peter's Square: Start off at Ponte Sant'Angelo, and make your way to the Square. Don't forget to visit the Egyptian obelisk of Caligula in the center!
  • Bistrot La Pigna: Located inside the courtyard of the Vatican Museum, the bistro offers salads and pastas.
  • The Caffetteria Le Carrozze: The café has an outdoor seating and offers sandwiches and drinks.
  • Tre Pupazzi Restaurant: Located just outside the Vatican, the restaurant offers authentic Roman fare.
  • La Soffitta Renovatio: The family-run restaurant is a 15-minute walk away from Vatican. They serve Roman and Abruzzese cuisines.

Vatican Museums at Night Highlights

Sistine Chapel, Vatican Night Tours
Sistine Chapel

Raphael Rooms

The four chambers known as the Stanze of Raphael were part of Julius II della Rovere's suite on the second floor of the Pontifical Palace, which he chose as his private residence and which he and his successors utilized as well. Raphael and his pupils completed the pictorial embellishment between 1508 and 1524.

Vatican Night Tours

Belvedere Courtyard

Bramante built the enormous courtyard of the Belvedere as early as 1505, extending the core of the earlier Vatican palaces to the north and uniting them with Innocent VIII's pre-existing residence. The Cortile del Belvedere served as a convenient and comfortable passageway between a garden terrace and the palace court. The construction of the Cortile del Belvedere sparked the creation of a number of notable structures in Vatican City.

Vatican night tours

Pinecone Courtyard

The Pinecone Courtyard, also known as the Cortile della Pigna, is the first large courtyard you travel through at the Vatican Museums on your journey to the Sistine Chapel. The large bronze statue in the shape of a pinecone is the inspiration for the courtyard's name. The metal sculpture was created during the Ancient Roman era and was originally part of a fountain dating back to the 2nd century A.D.

Vatican Night Tours

Gallery of the Candelabra

The large marble candelabra that, along with the colored marble columns, divide the exhibition area into six sections gives this gallery its name. The gallery was designed between 1785 and 1788 by Pope Pius VI Braschi, and was entirely rebuilt during the pontificate of Pope Leo XIII Pecci (1878-1903), resulting in the current ornamentation. The paintings were arranged like furniture, following symmetry standards that were suitable with the gallery's architecture.

Vatican Night Tours

Hall of the Maps

Within the Belvedere Courtyard is the Gallery of Maps. It is noteworthy not only for its map collection but also for the beautiful ceiling that dominates the space. Ignazio Danti made the maps in the 16th century. Pope Gregory XIII gave him the task of painting these exhibits for display in the Vatican. The map gallery is more than just a collection of dull maps. They offer an amazing view of the Italian states.

Vatican Night Tours

Gallery of the Tapestries

The Gallery of Tapestries, also known as the Galleria Degli Arazzi, is one of the most important and beautiful rooms in the Vatican museums. The room can be divided into two halves, with tapestries displaying scenes from the life of Christ on the left as you enter and tapestries commemorating the life of Pope Urban VIII on the left. As you approach the Vatican's tapestry room, you will note that the tapestries depicting Pope Urban VIII's life on the right are disregarded in comparison to the tapestries depicting Christ's life on the left.

Tips for Visiting Vatican at Night

  • Opt for the Vatican at night experience if you want to see the Vatican City as you have never seen before.
  • Reach the venue at least 30 minutes in advance to meet your guide.
  • Adhere to the Vatican City dress code.
  • Carry your identity card.
  • Listen to your expert guide carefully if you want to know more about Vatican City.
  • Do not carry large pieces of luggage as you won't be allowed to take them inside the Sistine Chapel or the other museums.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vatican Night Tours

Q. Can I visit the Vatican at night?

A. Yes, you can visit Vatican City at night. You can buy tickets that allow you entry after hours here.

Q. How late is Vatican open?

Q. The Vatican Museums is open Monday to Saturday from 9 AM to 6.30 PM with the last entrance at 4 PM. The Vatican Museum is closed on Sundays. However, you can enter Vatican City at any time of the night.

Q. Can you enter Vatican City at any time?

A. Just like any country, you can visit Vatican City at any time. However, most attractions will be closed to the public unless you have booked special-access tickets. You can explore St. Peter's Square at any time of the day.

Q. Does it cost more to visit the Vatican Museums at Night?

A. Yes, night tours are fully guided, and therefore cost slightly more. The price starts at €69.

Q. Why should I visit Vatican Museums at night?

A. The greatest time to see the Sistine Chapel, the Raphael Rooms, and the other wonders of the Vatican Museums is in the evening, around sunset due to the mysticism that is lent to the Vatican City by the lights.

Q. What are the timings of Vatican Night Tours?

A. The Vatican at Night experience runs every day just before the closing time of the museums. The tour starts at 4:00 PM.

Q. What do I get to see during the Vatican Museums Night Tours?

A. You get an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of the Vatican museums during the Vatican night tour. You also get to experience the Vatican museums with less crowd. Additionally, the Vatican at night is quite surreal.

Q. How many people can enter Vatican at night?

A. Tickets are available for a limited number of people. The Special After-Hours Access tickets allows for a group of not more than 10 people.