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Skipping The Lines At The Vatican Museums & Sistine Chapel

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The Vatican is a must-see for everyone visiting Rome and its popularity manifests itself in the form of the queues that line up outside the Vatican. Every day, thousands upon thousands of people flock to the holy city to marvel at its architecture and massive collection of Renaissance artworks and paintings from other periods as well.

The queue of people waiting to get inside the Vatican is known to stretch for hours on end. If you end up at the Vatican without your tickets, then be prepared to stand in the ticket line for up to 2 hours before you’re able to even purchase your tickets. We recommend getting skip the line tickets to avoid wasting time. Here's everything you need to know.

Vatican Museum & Sistine Chapel Skip the Line Tickets

Know Your Queue at the Viale Vaticano Entrance of Vatican Museums

There are 2 queues at the entry point of the Vatican Museums. Make sure you’re standing in the right queue so that you don’t waste time.

  • Queue 1: The first is for those looking to purchase tickets on the spot. The wait times extend up to 2 hours during peak season.
  • Queue 2: The second queue is for those who have purchased admission tickets online. The wait time can be anywhere between 5-25 minutes, depending on the season.

Queue at the Vatican Museums Viale Vaticano Entrance

The Vatican is one of the most visited museums in the world, which sees millions of visitors annually. Safe to say, the Vatican could be seeing thousands of visitors on any given day. This means that the lines in front of the Vatican Museums could be long on the day of your visit. A little planning can go a long way in helping you avoid the long queues in front of the museum.

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How To Skip The Queues At The Vatican?

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Vatican Skip-the-line tickets

Visitor Tips

  • You can visit the Vatican Museums in peace on Wednesdays as much of the crowd would be trying to get a glimpse of the Pope.
  • Avoid visiting the Vatican on weekends, if possible.
  • Try to plan your trip in a way so that you have ample time to explore. This is another reason why it is best to plan your trip during the early hours.
  • Follow the rules & regulations in place. Only appropriately dressed visitors are allowed inside. If visiting during the summer, at the very least, carry a scarf with you, so that you are not turned away after waiting in line.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vatican Skip the Line Tickets

Q. Can I skip the line at the Vatican?

A. Yes, you can skip long queues by booking Vatican skip the line tickets. Purchasing the tickets online and visiting the museum during the early hours can also help cut down your wait times.

Q. Are Vatican skip the line tickets available?

A. Yes, Vatican skip the line tickets are available online.

Q. Where can I book Vatican skip the line tickets?

A. You can book your Vatican skip the line tickets online.

Q. How much do Vatican skip the line tickets cost?

A. Vatican skip the line tickets start from €27.50.

Q. Why should I book Vatican skip the line tickets?

A. The waiting time to enter the Vatican and book tickets can go up to 2 hours. If you have skip the line tickets, you can skip past the long lines and directly enter the attraction after your security check.

Q. Are Vatican skip the line tickets worth it?

A. Yes, Vatican skip the line tickets are definitely worth it. You get to save a lot of time and spend it exploring the attraction instead.

Q. Do Vatican skip the line tickets include a guided tour?

A. Although Vatican skip the line tickets don't include a guided tour, most guided tours include a skip the line feature.

Q. Can I skip the line if I book my Vatican tickets online?

A. Yes, booking your tickets online can save almost 2 hours of waiting time at the ticket office.

Q. What is the waiting time to get into the Vatican?

A. The average waiting time to enter the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel can be up to 2 hours without a reservation.

Q. Are audio guides included with my Vatican skip the line tickets?

A. No, audio guides are not included with Vatican skip the line tickets.

Q. Which entrance is the best for Vatican skip the line ticket holders?

A. Skip-the-line ticket holders can join Queue 2, reserved for those who have pre-purchased their tickets to enter the Vatican Museums.